Dr. Jassim Khalaf Elias, an instructor in the Arabic Department at Al-Noor University College, participated in the Second International Conference of Humanities, Social and Pure Sciences held at the faculty of basic education at Salahaddin University-Erbil, in cooperation with the College of Physical Education and Sport Science at Al-Qasim Green University, the College of Physical Education and Sport Science at Al-Qadisiyah University and the Horouf Foundation for Education Development, where he delivered a research entitled (Levels of Narrative Formation in the Game Novel by Yousef Al-Sayegh). His research has been accepted for publication in the Iraqi Journal of Human, Social and Scientific Research, which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal issued by Mustafa Al-Amin University. Dr. Jassim Khalaf Elias also received a letter of thanks and appreciation as well as a certificate of participation from the organizing University of the conference.

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