Professor Dr. Samir Khalaf Abdullah, Assistant Dean of Al-Noor University College of Scientific Affairs, participated with the lecturer Azhar Sulieman Saleh Assistant Professor in the English Language Department at the College in IELTS test workshop in Baghdad on Monday 31/7/2023 in order to launch an ILETS international center, a test workshop at the College to test English and administrate it according to international standards in partnership with the British Council. The deputy minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research met with participants and said that this test would be essential for all postgraduate applicants outside and within Iraq. The College had nominated Assistant Professor Azhar Sulieman Saleh to oversee this center, which adds a new singularity to the active units that work to deepen the College`s scientific role in the service of scientific research and society and strengthen its uniqueness. It serves as an academic shift that greatly improves the College`s international ranking.

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