In light of the advent of World Pharmacist Day, Al-Noor University College held a wide celebration in the presence of a number of pharmacy pioneers and officials of colleges and departments of pharmacy at universities, where Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, Dean of the College, spoke about the meaning of this day and the importance of such a meeting, followed by Prof. Dr. Issam Hammo, Head of the Pharmacy Department, by giving a speech of the department.. Then Dr. Omar Al-Lela, a lecturer in the department, spoke about the idea of creating Al-Noor Research Center for Pharmaceutical Training and Development. After that, an introductory video was shown about the department and the science of pharmacy. Then Dr. Omar Al-Lela read the pharmacist's oath, and it was then repeated by the graduates of the first course. Then the pharmacy pioneers and officials of colleges and scientific departments honored with the Shield of Al-Noor and honoring students who achieved the first three ranks of the graduation of the first batch in this year.

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