Due to the intensity of the research presented at the Second International Scientific Conference on Medical and Health Sciences, which is held by Al-Noor University, and because many of them deserve active participation, and due to time constraints and limited space, the principle of presenting research in the form of posters was adopted. These posters were displayed on 28 screens organized near the session halls. The research was conducted by Ahmed Abdel Salam, Iman Shaker, Mustafa Mohamed, Abdullah Marwan, Aisha Marwan, Rasmia Omar, Farah omar, Hajy Yazan Ismail, Michel Ali, Nadia Khalid, Omar Mohamed Hameed, Luay Abed, Ehsan Al-Saqr, Rana Wadallah, Hana Hussein, Omar Mohamed Al-Zuhairy, Delgash Abdullah, Amina Al-Thawani, Reem Natiq Al-Arhim, Mustafa Ismail, Luay Murad, Israa Mohamed, Ryan Mahmoud, Alaa Youssif, Moruj Saleh, Essam Fadel, Sediq Bker, and Abdul Karim Al-Ta'y.

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