Asst. Lect.Ehab Essam Aziz

 Lecturer Ihab Issam/Assistant Teacher with Master's Degree in Construction and Construction Technology Engineering Specialized in Construction Materials Technology Engineering under the supervision of Assistant Professor Khalid Mohammed Shaheen at the Northern Technical University, owned research published in a global journal, (IJEIT) journal, I joined Al-Noor University College for the year (2021-2022) in the Department of Construction Engineering and Project Management to teach the practical aspect of building materials technology (building materials laboratory). I Worked in several large engineering projects, including the 30,000 spectators stadium and 4,000 spectators stadium and worked on the project of establishing a treatment plant for the left side of Mosul city and residential and service projects etc. Also working with many international and local humanitarian organizations on projects related to water, drinking water treatment plants, sanitation projects and job creation projects such as cash-for-work projects in and out of camps. I have many trainings and courses that enhance my abilities in the field of academic and engineering work, including teaching methods courses, teaching authority, safety management courses in workplaces and factories, and courses in the field of work in sanitation projects and their management in times of emergency

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