Asst. Prof. Dr.Jameel Mohammed Ameen Sulaiman

 Dr. Jamil Mohammed Amin Suleiman (PhD), Asst. Prof. of Applied Physics; His experience has been included in working in many research centers in Iraq, such as physics. optics and optoelectronics; laser; Infrared detectors laboratory. In addition to some administrative tasks, he also worked as head of a group for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged projects in the oil and electricity sectors. On December 29, 2005, until January 2, 2021, a faculty member and lecturer at the University of Mosul - College of Dentistry - Department of Basic Dental Sciences. On October 1, 2021, a faculty member and Asst. Prof. at Al-Noor University College, Department of Dentistry, Mosul - Iraq. His master's thesis is titled "Design and Construction of a Circuit to Improve Battery Charge Storage at Low Solar Intensity", while his PhD thesis is titled "Preparation and Characterization of PANI/Ferromagnetic Composites for Electromagnetic Shielding Behavior at High Frequencies (X-band)". Dr. Jamil Suleiman accomplished many researches, but the most interested was about spinel ferrite such as “Nickel; Cobalt; Cobalt, Zinc and Ferrite with PANI as nanocomposite material” which were applied in different fields such as medical, engineering and military. Finally, he attended many local and international seminars and conferences as a speaker and published his research in international journals within the Scopus indexes.

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