Asst. Prof. Dr.Sahla Mohamed Zeadan

Dr. Sahla Mohammed Zaidan, University of Mosul, College of Education and Pure Sciences, Department of Biology. I obtained a doctorate in tissue culture and genetic engineering in 2004. I supervised three graduate students in the same specialty. I obtained a patent in my field of expertise in 2014. I participated in a number of research, seminars, and conferences abroad. Iraq and inside Iraq, and I have several books of thanks. I have a three-year extension at the College of Education, University of Mosul. Research published in foreign magazines and in local and Iraqi magazines. I retired in 2021 and joined Al-Noor University College, Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, to teach fourth-year students, biology. Diagnostic accuracy and teaching microbiology to third-year dental students, and giving two lectures to third-year students on medical laboratory techniques in the field of microbial biochemistry.

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