Asst. Lect.Talal Aziz Qassem

I obtained a master’s degree in chemistry in 1990. I was an employee in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, and was appointed to the Jaber Bin Hayyan facility, which specializes in rubber industries, in the technology department. I contributed to several projects during my service at the facility, for example preparing and producing many chemical compounds such as accelerators, inhibitors, materials used as fillers, etc. that are used in the rubber industries. Participate in finding solutions to obstacles and problems related to the nature of our work. I obtained several letters of thanks, appreciation, and rewards, and was also assigned as an acting representative of the facility to participate in several conferences. I established a small laboratory (pioneering unit) to produce a powder used in pastries under the name of ammonium bicarbonate. As a job in the private sector, I traveled to Libya and was appointed to the Higher Technical Institute as a teacher. Now I am a teacher at Al-Noor University College, where I teach the subject of pharmaceutical physics in the pharmacy department, in addition to teaching Organic Chemistry in the Department of Dentistry.

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