Lect. Dr.Ali Yahya Abdulrazzaq

Dr. Ali Yahya Abdel Razzaq has been teaching at Al-Noor University College, since the academic year 2020-2021, affiliated with the Department of Radiology and Sonar Techniques to teach general chemistry for the first year of the Optical Techniques Department and the Department of Radiology and Sonar Techniques. I obtained a master’s degree in 1986, and a doctorate in 2001, specializing in physical chemistry (spectrum) from the Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Mosul, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Saadallah Tawfiq Suleiman and Prof. Dr. Laila Muhammad Naguib. I taught at the College of Agriculture at the University of Mosul, then I moved to teach at the College of Science - Department of Chemistry, to teach Spectroscopy for the fourth stage, for 20 years, and at the same time, I was appointed responsible for postgraduate studies in the College of Science since 2003, then director of postgraduate studies. As president of the University of Mosul for another 10 years until the end of 2018. I also taught and gave lectures at the Gifted Students' School / Nineveh for two academic years, since the academic year (2007 - 2008). I attended a large number of scientific and cultural seminars and conferences held by the colleges of the University of Mosul and Iraqi universities, including no less than 50 seminars and conferences, and I received many books of thanks and appreciation from the President of the University of Mosul and the President of the University of Kirkuk, amounting to no less than 25 books of thanks and appreciation. I also obtained a certificate of completion of all stages of training for the basics of institutional development and excellence during the period from (2011 - 2014) from the Tarabat Foundation (Iraqi Administrative Reform Project) with USAID / IRAQ. I also obtained a certificate of attendance and participation from the Foundation (Leadership Foundation for Higher Education) under the supervision of the (British Council) for two years (2010 - 2011). I also participated in many senior development courses for leaders of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the presidency of the University of Mosul. I also supervised graduation research projects. Scientific research with no less than 35 graduation papers for fourth-year students in the Chemistry Department at the College of Science/University of Mosul, and my participation in the discussion committee for postgraduate students (MA) in the College of Science and the College of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Mosul. A number of scientific research in the field of physical chemistry and spectroscopy has been published in local, Arab and international journals and conferences (12 scientific research), the most recent of which was in a Pakistani magazine from Scopus in 2019.

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