Asst. Lect.Mohamed Ibrahim Anwer

Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Anwar is a professor at Al-Noor University College in the Department of Medical Laboratories. He joined Al-Noor College in 2021 to teach biochemistry and general chemistry. He obtained a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Mosul in 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Lama Abdel Moneim Bakr, and the title of his thesis was “Study of the effect of cranberry extract on some biochemical indicators of induced liver tumors in rats.” The research included studying the biochemical variables of normal rats and rats induced with liver tumors by dosing them with the carcinogen thiacetamide, treating them with the drug Floracil, and knowing its positive and negative effects on liver tumors before and after infection, as well as studying the effect of the plant extract of the soursop plant and knowing the extent of the effect of these extracts on liver tumors by measuring biochemical variables in blood serum and examining liver tissue sections and the extent to which liver enzymes are affected. He also published a research in the Journal of Education and Science entitled “The effect of soursop extracts on some biochemical variables in rats with liver tumors.”

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