Asst. Prof. Dr.Wafaa Mohammed Ali

Dr. Wafa Mohammed Ali Hamid/ Assistant Professor, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy 1979, College of Pharmacy/University of Baghdad, Master’s degree in Drugs and Medicinal Plants 1983, College of Pharmacy/University of Baghdad, Doctorate in Drugs and Chemistry of Natural Substances 2004 - René Descartes University/Paris 5 - College of Pharmacy- Paris/France In 2006, I participated in a discussion as a doctoral student at the College of Pharmacy - University of Paris / France. I joined Al-Noor University College for the year 2018. I was a teacher at the University of Mosul in the College of Dentistry. I taught the pharmacology subject in the College of Dentistry for the period from 1984 until I joined the College of Pharmacy in 1992. I was one of the first pharmacy teachers for the period 1992-2015, and during this period I taught drugs and medicinal plants to second- and third-year students, in addition to fifth-year projects. I was head of the Clinical Pharmacy Branch from 2006-2011, then head of the Pharmacognosy Branch from 2011-2015, in addition to my work as Associate Scientific Dean during the same period. Tasks of the Deanship of Pharmacy 2013-2014. A special study was conducted to open a master’s degree in the College of Pharmacy, with all requirements and curricula prepared. I taught in the master’s degree and supervised the projects of master’s and doctoral students in the college. In addition to participating in master’s discussions at the Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy/University of Mosul. I taught at the Applied Science Private University - Amman/Jordan for the period 2015-2018, and I taught the subject of drugs and analytical chemistry for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and I supervised the master’s students’ projects, and discussed the master’s students’ discussions. I also participated in teaching practical analytical chemistry and practical pharmacology at the College of Pharmacy/University of Baghdad from my appointment in 1979 until I joined the University of Mosul in 1984. More than 30 scientific researches have been published in local and international journals.
I participated in many committees during my years of work in all the colleges where I worked.

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