Lect. Dr.Bashar Rasheed Hussein

I am a professor at the Department of Law in Al-Noor University College and a rapporteur for the department. I have an author (the contractual responsibility of the administration in the implementation of administrative contracts - a comparative study - The Arab Center for Publishing and Distribution, Cairo, 2018). International public and international organizations and in 2017 ,and I contracted with the college in 2016,In the first year I studied constitutional law, administrative judiciary, public international law and international organizations, in 2017 I studied a doctorate at the College of Law, University of Mosul, and my thesis was marked by “general administrative penalties - a comparative study - under the supervision of Dr Hassan Muhammed Ali Al-Banan, with a score of 89 and in 2018 and I have four published researches (the offer and the acceptance in the administrative contract - a comparative study - and the failure of the administration to pay the price in the public works contract - a comparative study - in the Journal of Law and Political Science Journal of the University of Kirkuk) , (special formal restrictions on public administrative penalties - a comparative study , General formal restrictions on public administrative penalties - a comparative study - in Al-Rafidain Journal, Faculty of Law. Human rights and democracy were also studied for the following scientific departments (Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical laboratories, Anesthesia ,Optics, Dental industry, x-Rays and Sonar). I also taught general penalties and administrative judiciary in the Department of Law in the same year, and in 2019 I studied general penalties, administrative law, administrative judiciary, and economics, and in 2020 I studied administrative judiciary, enforcement law, and forensic medicine.

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