Department of Pharmacy Students at Al-Noor University College visit the Natural History Museum at University of Mosul


 Al-Noor University College is keen to provide field visits opportunities for its students to deepen their theoretical studies by pairing them with experiences and live observations. The Department of Pharmacy organized a scientific visit to prepare its students for the Museum of Natural History and Biodiversity at the University of Mosul. The visit was supervised by the Asst. Lect. Zina Dabyan Mohamed Zaki and the Asst. Lect. Marwa Mohamed Mahmoud as organizers and supervisors for this activity, Dr. Walaa Abdulwahed, Asst. Lect. Marwa Badr Faleh, Asst. Lect. Aws Samim and Asst. Lect. Raed Burhan as participants. The group of students from the department were briefed on the scientific selections in this museum and gave them a detailed explanation. This museum includes mummified animals that were present in the endemic environment or still exist, as well as the largest dinosaur figure in the museums of academic institutions, in addition to the largest fish tank. The students showed their interaction with everything they saw in the museum. [...]