Al-Noor University College hosted a workshop entitled “the Basics of Media Work in public and private institutions” in cooperation Nineveh Center For Consulting and Researches and government communication in the Nineveh Governorate Office .
The workshop dealt with the importance of the media and communication, and the duties and tasks of the journalist in public and private institutions, in which the Director of the Media and Communication Office in Nineveh Governorate, Mr. Ali Mahmoud, gave a lecture in which he talked about the functions of the media and the importance of the media and communication.
The workshop started with the attendance of about 70 journalists and media personalities in Nineveh including media directors in several public institutions in Nineveh, including the police, electricity, and water.
The workshop ended with meaningful discussions aimed at building a successful media system in public and private institutions followed by a tour during which the attendees got acquainted with the corridors of Al-Noor University College and took several souvenir memorial.

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