On Wednesday morning , the 8th of March in the year, 2023, at eleven o'clock, the Department of Dentistry has been held a workshop entitled "Impression and Bite registration techniques using intra oral scanning” . It is lectured by the head of dentistry department Dr. Talal Hameed Alsalman ,Dr. Maryam Talal lectures about The shift towards digital dentistry, which is considered a new breakthrough in the field of dentistry, as dentistry avoids the use of old materials, techniques and methods such as molds and impressions in treatment, and among the areas in which dentistry is transformed into digital is taking impressions, what is known as (digital impressions) and taking the relationship between the upper and lower layers, as it is introduced to the dental curriculum in the fifth stage at Al-Noor University College, the intral oral scanner.
The workshop is attended by a number of faculty staff and students in the Department of Dentistry.

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