The visiting of His Highness has included a committee between the Dean of Al-Noor University College . Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar and His Highness the Minister of Culure,Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Ahmed Fakak Al-Badrany in the presence of Assistant Deans , the Chairman Dr. Bashaar Mahmmud as well as the factualty and staff members.
The meeting has included coordinating effects between the Ministry from a side and Al-Noor University College from other side in order to hold the first Arab International poetry Festival during the month of May of this year.
His Highness the Minister of Culture ,Tourism and Antiquities has confirmed the importance of Al-Noor University College in Nineveh First, as an educational institution and its cultural. Then the social role which is contributed to provided social activities in Nineveh .
The conference discuss to present joint efforts that contribute to show the shining side of Nineveh in all national and international forums.

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