In line with the endeavour of Al-Noor University College to link the study with the movement of life, and under the guidance of its Dean, Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar and his constant encouragement on activating the practical aspects, the Department of Law, represented by Dr. Faris Ahmed Al-Dulaimi, Dr. Rana Saad Shakir, Lecturer Buthayna Oda, and a number of the third-grade students carried out a field visit to the Presidency of Nineveh Federal Court of Appeal. The visit included attending several pleadings in the Court of First Instance and a trial session in the Criminal Court. During this visit, the students were briefed on the practical procedures in the courts. The judges also contributed to adding information to the knowledge of the students.
On the other hand, the visit included the presence of students in the Nineveh lawyer's assignment room and listening to many instructions provided by the lawyers, Mr. Ali Abdulmuhsin and Mr. Waleed Mudhi.

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