supported by Al-Noor University College, Al-Hamdaniya University held the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Pure Sciences.The opening session included a speech by Prof. Dr. Aqil Al-Araji, the University’s President with a speech of the head a speech by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Mosul and its dependencies for the Semitic Syriac Catholics and racing a poem by the poet Dr. Jassim Muhammad Jassim, with an introductory video presentation of the university under the title (Baqat Al-Babon) followed by a presentation by the Syriac Folk arts group and honoring the distinguished at the university, then the opening research was given by Professor Dr. Wadih Yassin Al-Tikriti.
كما قدم الاستاذ الدكتور عقيل يحيى الأعرجي رئيس الجلمعة درع الجامعة الى الاستاذ الدكتورياسين طه الحجار عميد الكلية

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