Al-Nour Radio, from Al-Nour University, is proud of carrying out a new and greatly distinctive radio course today, through its major programs such as "Poetic Touches," "In the World of Culture," "Atika's Kitchen," "Journey with Creativity," "Good Morning Program," "Media from My City and Cities of the World," "The Arabic Language and its Literature," and "The Reading Forum."

This course will host a number of prominent figures to make contributions and benefit from their cultures and knowledge, including Dr. Tariq Younis Al-Shaheen, Dr. Mahfouz Suleiman Al-Sidan, and Chef Atika Al-Sabounchi, in addition to other individuals contributing to the preparation and presentation of the programs, such as Professor Dr. Khazaal Fathi Zaidan, Chef Atika Al-Sabounji, Radio Pioneer Amal Al-Mudarris, Dr. Jassim Khalaf Elias, Educator Nahidh Al-Ramadhani, and Dr. Mahmoud Al-Rashidi.

The radio station includes a competent team composed of artist Mohammed Zaki as the technical director, media advisor Thamer Mayouf as the field supervisor, Mr. Bashar Mahmoud Ali as the general supervisor of the radio, and several technicians. Abdullah Muhannad Saleh and Nouh Al-Chalabi handle the directing, Zaid Muwffaq Dakheel handles the sound engineering, while Zahra Salem, Hanin Aus, Abdul Rahman Saad, and Arkhan Al-Zubaidi handle the hosting and introducing.
الفنيين فعلى الإخراج هناك عبد الله مهند صالح ونوح الچلبي و على الصوتيات هناك زيد موفق دخيل وفي التقديم هناك زهراء سالم وحنين أوس وعبد الرحمن سعد واركان الزبيدي.
A group of creative media and prominent scientific and cultural personalities participated in its programs. The radio broadcasts its programs over a wide area in all directions of the city on frequency 99.5. Followers can contact it on the following phone numbers.
To participate in its contributions

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