Dr. Omer Qutayba Al-Layla, a professor of pharmacy at Al-Noor University College, participated in the membership of the examination committee of postgraduate students for the master’s degree Karwan Dirar thesis submitted to Clinical Pharmacology in the College of Pharmacy- University of Duhok entitled

“Humoral Immunity Response of COVID-19 Vaccine and Adverse Effect Among Solid Cancer Patient: A Prospective Cross-Sectional Study”.

The examination was conducted on Wednesday,23/5/2023 in the Seminar Hall in the Cultural and Social Center of the University of Duhok. The committee was composed of Asst. Prof. Dr.Zaki Barwari in the College of Medicine/ University of Duhok (chairman), Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhannad Al-Qazzaz in the College of the Pharmacy at the University of Mosul (member), Dr. Omar Qutayba Badr Al-Din from Al-Noor University College(Member), and the last two Prof. Dr. Moayad Aghaly, Dr. Razvan Faisal are at the College of Pharmacy/University of Duhok (members and supervisors).

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