Dr. Dhiaa Najm Al-Sabha, professor in the Department of Optics at Al-Noor University College, chaired the discussion Committee of postgraduate student for the Master`s degree Zainab Miser Zeidan Dhanon about her thesis submitted to the Department of Chemistry at the College of Education for Girls at the University of Mosul, entitled (Spectral estimation of certain pharmaceutical compounds using different reagents and applying them to their pharmaceutical preparation). The discussion took place on Tuesday, 2023/7/25, in the hall of discussion and conferences at the College of Education for Girls. The committee membership included two instructors from the College of Education for Girls at Mosul University: prof. Dr. Daoud Habou Mohammed, Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Salem chet, and the lecturer Dr. Intisar Adel Shahab, supervisor of the student. At the end of the discussion, Professor Dr. Dhiaa Sabha received a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the Deanship of the College of Education for Girls, presented to him by Prof. Dr. Munir Al-Badrani, Assistant to the president of the University of Mosul for Scientific Affairs.

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