In the field of active attendance of teaching staff of Al Noor University College in local, Arab and international scientific activities, Dr.Hanaa Al-Baroudi, an instructor at the college, participated on the ninth of August in the tenth international educational conference of the educational teachers` association, held in the University of Sulaymaniyah with the support of the Faculty of Basic Education at the university of Babylon, and with a clear effort of the Association`s president Dr. Ali Al-Hilu, and the president of the educational teachers Association in Ninawa province, Dr. Fares Al-Rahawi, accompanied by a number of professors and colleagues from Mosul University and Al-Noor university college. Dr. Hanaa discussed her research entitled (Radioactive contamination in the various fertilizer industry and its human transmission and pollution indicators). At the end of the conference she was awarded a certificate of appreciation for her attendance and research participation in the conference.

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