Dr. Dhiya Najem Abdullah Hassouni, professor at Al-Noor University College, chaired the discussion committee of graduate master`s student Raniya Ibrahim Sheit Ahmad about her thesis in the specialty of analytical chemistry that she submitted to the Department of chemistry in the College of Science at the University of Mosul entitled (spectroscopic estimation of tetracyclines /application on its pharmaceutical preparations). The discussion took place on Monday morning, 2023/8/28. The committee`s membership included Assistant Professor Dr. Lamia Adnan Najib Naom, Assistant Professor Saad Hassani Sultan Jarjis and Prof. Dr. Salim Ali Mohammed Saleh , who are from the College of Science at the University of Mosul. At the end of the discussion, the Dean of the College of Science was awarded a certificate of thanks and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Dhiya Najm.

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