Dr. Nazim Allawi, an instructor at Al-Noor University College, participated in the 10th International Scientific and Educational conference, held by the Association of Educational Teachers in Iraq in cooperation with the universities of Babylon and Sulaimaniya, where he delivered his tagged research (Effect of Chlorela vulgaris moss extract isolated from Mosul city water environment on mushroom growth Tricophyton mentagrophytes ). The research included a study on antifungal drugs from alternatives that are available and accessible in the Iraqi environment in general and Mosul in particular after antifungal drugs became unavailable or did not affect them, from here, the researcher began searching for antifungal drugs in an attempt to extract fatty acid products from C. vulgaris moss and determining the chemical composition that have the potential to inhibit the growth of dermatophytes. At the end of the conference Dr.Nazim Allawi was awarded a certificate and a letter of appreciation.

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