In the context of promoting creative sources and communicating with Iraqi expatriate creators, the Department of Arabic at Al-Noor University's College, in collaboration with the Narrative Club at the Union of Nineveh Writers, organized a seminar where the expatriate Iraqi writer Haitham Bahnam Barda was hosted. The session began with a word from Prof. Dr. Khaz’al Fathi Zaidan, the head of the Arabic Department at Al-Noor University College, followed by a speech from the poet Saad Mohammed, the head of the Union of Nineveh writers. Then, the seminar session was initiated under the guidance of Dr. Nazim Alawi, an instructor at the college and the head of the Narrative Club in the union. Then, Dr. Khalil Shukri Hiyas, an instructor at the Arabic Department in the College of Education at University of Al-Hamdaniya, presented a critical analysis, followed by another critical analysis presented by Dr. Jasim Khalf Elias, an instructor in the Arabic Department at Al-Noor University College. Then, the college shield and the union's shield were presented to the honoree by the dean of the college and the president of the writers' union, along with the distribution of certificates of appreciation to the honoree and the critics by the head of the Arabic department at the college and the union president. Finally, a ceremony was held as an adjunct to the seminar for the signing of one of the publications of the writer Haitham Bahnam and dedicating it to the attendees.

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