To celebrate International Volunteer Day, and in the presence of Dr. Nabil Ahmed Girgis Assistant Dean of Al-Noor University College for Administrative Affairs, the college held a celebration honoring the volunteer teams through Baytna Foundation, which is the cultural and community window of the college. The celebration began with the national anthem and the reading of Surat Al-Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs, then three speeches were delivered by: Dr. Bashar Mahmoud Ali, on behalf of the college family, Saqr Al-Zakaria, the official of the Baytna Foundation, and Mohammed Masoud Jumaa, the representative of the volunteer teams. A video presentation was presented about the college and its adoption of New Horizons. After that, shields and certificates were distributed to forty volunteer teams. From there, the art exhibition held on the sidelines of the celebration was visited.

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