In the context of a national effort aimed at enhancing a person’s sense of security and protecting his life, and within the framework of mutual openness between Al-Noor University College, state departments, and scientific, cultural, and cognitive institutions in the city, to achieve the maximum closeness to people’s lives

in a way that increases the college’s effectiveness in serving the community, the college hosted in the presence of Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, Dean of the College, on Wednesday morning, corresponding to 21/02/2024, Colonel Ahmed Muwaffaq Mohammed,

Director of the Arms Control and Regulation Division at the Nineveh Police Command, where he gave a lecture on weapons inventory, supported by video presentations on the decisions, forms, and methods by which weapons are registered or delivered, as well as the efforts made on this path..

After several careful and serious interventions from students and professors, the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, awarded the college shield with a certificate of appreciation to the guest lecturer.

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