Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, the Dean of Al-Noor University College, and the oversight of the examination committee, students underwent exams on Monday, 1/4/2024. First-year students in the Anesthesia Departments took end-of-semester exams in the practical component of Biology, while Medical Laboratory students took exams in Medical Behavioral Science. Dental Manufacturing students took practical exams in Dental Anatomy, and Optics students took exams in English Language. Additionally, first-year Computer Science students took mid-year exams in Arabic Language, Arabic Language students took exams in Morphology, and Digital Media students took first-semester exams in Theoretical Applied Statistics. Moreover, first-year Petroleum Engineering students took first-semester exams in General Geology and Construction Engineering and Project Management in English Language. Second-year Pharmacy students took mid-course exams in Organic Chemistry 2, fourth-year students took exams in Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 3, and second-year Radiology students took exams in Computed Tomography Physics. Furthermore, third-year Anesthesia students took second-semester exams in the theoretical and practical components of Surgery 2, Medical Laboratory students took exams in Human Genetics, and Optics students took theoretical and practical exams in Ocular Appearance.

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