On Thursday, January 13, 2022, in the Conservative Dental Department/College of Dentistry/Mosul University, a master’s thesis was discussed

under the title

(Effectiveness of two regimens in rotary reprocessing with or without endodontic terminator XP to remove filling material: an in vitro study)

The thesis presented by the student (Ahmed Salah El-Din Mahmoud Hantoush) dealt with the study of the effectiveness of two types of rotary files for endodontic reprocessing (R-Endo and EdgefileXR) with or without the use of Endodontic Finisher XP in removing various filling materials, and the study concluded that the file (EgdefileXR) ) is more effective in removing different filling materials during endodontic reprocessing from the (R-Endo) cooler, in addition, the use of the XP endodontic finishing unit as a complementary reprocessing system supports the removal of different filling materials

the discussion committee uncluded:

أ.م.د.معتز غازي سعدالله/كلية النور الجامعة/قسم طب الاسنان _ رئيسا
أ.م.د سوسن حميد احمد/كلية طب الاسنان/ جامعة الموصل _ عضوا
أ.م. منال عبدالجبار سلطان/كلية طب الأسنان/جامعة الموصل- عضوا
وباشراف وعضوية م.د. علي مؤيد رشيد . وتم قبول الرسالة بعد أجراء التعديلات عليها