Based on the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on visiting the dorms in universities, to see the status of the dorms, checking on students, knowing their needs and solving their problems, the Deanship of Al-Noor College instructed the university staff to visit the dorms of the college. The visit took place on Thursday 30-6-2022 by a committee From the college represented by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Sameer Khalaf Abdullah, representatives of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Division, and a representative of the Registration and Student Affairs Division. During the visit, a number of students from the college dorms were interviewed and listened to their demands as well as checking the status of the dorms and students' needs. The Deanship of the College emphasized to fully support the students of the dorms, solve their problems, meet their needs, and provide the appropriate atmosphere for them.

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