Ass. Pro. Dr. Saleh Hussien Ali from Department of Law /Al-Noor University College in the fifth international arbitrator scientific conference the participated /Ajlun National University in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which is held under the titile “Constitution at Amendments between reality and ambition “With the participation of many scholars and researchers from different countries such as Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Kuwait and Russia. He participated his research entitled (the role of the constitutional judiciary in monitoring political parties - a comparative study).
The conference was a good chance for Dr. Saleh Husien Ali to meet Dr. Talal Essa, the Dean of the Department of Law/Ajlun National University. He conveyed him the greetings of the Dean of Al-Noor University College and handed him the shield of the college
and the scientific cooperation is raised
and the scientific cooperation is raised between Ajoun National University and Al-Noor University College, which pleased the university’s president expressing his willingness to cooperate.

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