Within the frame of the active presence of the lecturers of Al-Noor University College in the scientific activities of the higher education sector in Nineveh, Asst. Prof.Dr. Fares Ahmed Al-Dulaimi who is a lecturer in the Department of Law in the college participated in the work of the scientific conference which is held by the University of Mosul in cooperation with the German Agency for Development and the Peace Paths Organization entitled
(the future of peaceful coexistence in Nineveh). It aims to create an understanding of the issues related to peaceful of the city and governorate and to formulate strategic recommendations between the various sectors and actors to create lasting peace.

. on Wednesday, May 3,2023, the conference was held at the University of Mosul within the efforts aimed to reinforce the ability to withstand in dealing with crises and conflicts that may arise. Several research within economic, social, political, pedagogical axes were delivered by specialized lecturers.
The conference came out with a number of recommendations

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