Dr. Farha Khalaf Omar, a professor at Al-Noor University College, chaired the discussion committee of the master’s degree graduate student, Doaa Ezzeldine Ali Sulaiman Al-Rashdi, about her thesis submitted to the Chemistry Department at the College of Education for Girls under the title (Preparation and diagnosis of some new heterocyclic compounds and their use as reagents in the estimation of a number of Pharmaceutical compounds.)
The discussion took place in the presence of Professor Dr. Dhamia Ali Abdullah, Dean of the College, and a number of department teachers.

The thesis submitted by the researcher included the preparation and diagnosis of a number of new organic compounds, namely the hydrazide compound, thiosemicarbazide, the thiadiazole derivative, the triazole derivative, azo dyes, derivatives of Schiff bases, and derivatives of azitidine and thiazolidine, and then using the thiadiazole derivative as reagents in the estimation of the pharmaceutical compounds methyldopa and levodopa using oxidative coupling reactions and the paracetamol compound using nitration and conjugation reaction .

The discussion committee included Asst. Prof. Dr. Ghufran Thanoun Siddiq, the Prof. Dr. Intisar Adel Shehab, and the membership and supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salem Sheet Al-Anazi and Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhannad Yakdan Saleh Al-Allaf.

After a sober scientific discussion and hearing the researcher's defence of her letter, the thesis was accepted and a master's degree awarded with distinction.

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