Sponsored by the Dean of Al-Noor University College Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar and in the presence of prominent Iraqi media figures, Al-Noor University College celebrated the opening of the Digital Media Department, which was recently added to the family of its academic departments... where the representative of the Dean of the College Prof. Dr. Samir Khalaf Abdullah, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs gave a speech that opened the ceremony, and Mrs. Ava Faiq Nader, a member of the Communications and Media Authority, gave a speech regarding the creation and the possibilities of cooperation with the Authority. Two documentaries were shown about the college and the department.
Then, two dialogue sessions were held. The first dialogue session was held on the media between the academy and the profession. It was moderated by the great Iraqi journalist, Shimon Matti, and the scientific team of the Digital Media Department participated in it. After that, the second dialogue session was held under the title Media between the past and the present. It was moderated by the media figure, Zahraa Salem, the traffic officer, Major Ibtihaj Al-Yawar, the great artist Jawad Al-Shakarji, the leading radio personality Amal Al-Mudarres, the great radio personality Shimon Matti, and the journalist Nofal Al-Rawi, head of the Journalists Syndicate in Nineveh participated in it. .

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