Assistant Professor Dr. Taha Hussein Salem, Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Al-Noor University College, participated in the scientific conference held at the British University of Birmingham in the Department of Soil Sciences under the title (investigating water in a Changing World), In which research was presented in the field of forecasting severe droughts in the rapidly changing human water system across the United Kingdom. The discussion focused on: How can fresh water be provided to respond to future changes in water supply and demand, What is the ability of the water system to withstand severe droughts
How to ensure future water supplies in the United Kingdom. At this point, rainwater harvesting has been confirmed by building small dams on hydrological water basins, which is strong evidence of the feasibility of adaptation measures in difficult conditions (drought, for example), it is advisable to carry out such an experiment with rainwater harvesting because it has a major role in compensating for water and eliminating drought
it was also discussed how to understand the role of man and his influence in preserving water wealth through good management of water resources and uses by holding courses and practical workshops to avoid the existing imbalance between renewable and available water resources because water is a very sacred resource for the existence of humanity.

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