With the support of Al-Noor University College and its active participation, Qudurat Academy held the the first Virtual University Students Forum was held on the evening of Sunday, 3/3/2024, via the Zoom platform. The forum began with verses from the Noble Quran recited by the student Zana Ismail

a student from the Dentistry Department at Al-Noor University College. Subsequently, speeches were delivered by officials, starting with a speech by Professor Bashar Mahmoud Ali representing Al-Noor University College, followed by a speech by Professor Mahmoud Kadawi, the director of Qudurat Academy . The time was then dedicated to lectures,

including "The Role of Iraqi Universities in Enhancing Skills and Capacities for Graduates" by Dr. Qabas Hassan Awad, "How to Study for Excellence" by Dr. Naktal Abdul Hadi, a certified trainer and lecturer at Mosul University, "Student Activities and Talent Development"

by Dr. Sahbaa Nizar Kadhem, a lecturer at Al-Noor University College and accredited international arbitrator, "The Role of Culture in Building a Progressive Society" by Dr. Ahmed Alaa Al-Shammari and "Specialized Reading" by Dr. Falah Flihan Al-Ruwaili.

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