Water is essential in all sectors of society for the production of food, energy, goods and services and over the past century, global water use has increased at more than twice the rate of population growth. Many water sources are suffering from drought, increased pollution, or both. Clean water and adequate sanitation facilities are essential to ensuring health and opportunity for individuals and families. Water resources need to be managed efficiently, responsibly and equitably, so adequate sanitation and hygiene must be provided to all.
Al-Noor College’s achievements in the goal of Clean Water and Sanitation

 A seminar entitled (Water and the Greatness of Its Creation).
 A workshop entitled (Drinking Water Filtration Plants).
 A workshop entitled “The scarcity of water resources in Iraq”
 Al-Noor University College established a water filtration and purification center in the Department of Dentistry.
 Al-Noor University College provides many cleaning methods in the buildings.