A Professor from Al-Noor University College participates in a discussion committee of a master's thesis in English language


Lect. Dr. Nathume Younis Salih, the professor at Al-Noor University College, participates as a member of the discussion committee for the postgraduate student for the master’s degree, Ayman Nihad Abdulmajeed, in the College of Arts / Department of Translation, University of Mosul, entitled: "The Application of London Linguistic Institute Criteria to the Assessment of the Translation of English Scientific Texts into Arabic". The discussion was headed by Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdulrahman, and the membership of Lect. Dr. Nathume Younis Salih from Al-Noor University College, and Asst. Prof. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali from University of Mosul. The thesis is based on the application of the London Linguistic Institute standards for evaluating the translation of English scientific texts into Arabic. [...]