A professor at Al-Noor University College gifts the Central Library at University of Mosul another collection of books and references


Asst. Prof. Dr. Haseeb Elias, the professor at Al-Noor University College, donated a second collection of books, which included about 100 books and references in various disciplines, including French Language and its Literature, English Language and its Literature, Translation, History, Archaeology, Jurisprudence and Interpretation, as well as 5 volumes of Mosul Civilization Encyclopedia edition of 1991, Tafsir al-Khazen. 4 volumes which is one of the anecdotes edition of 1910, and the volume of Reviving the Sciences of Religion 4 volumes edition of 1939. The books and volumes were delivered in the presence of Mr. Saif Mohamed Dhiaa Al-Ashqar, Secretary-General of the Central Library at University of Mosul.